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# 1 A Return
02-05-2012, 07:10 PM
So I came back to check out these new ships, also the Dominion future episodes, too much to pass up. I am left with a few thoughts.

The first is the new Fed ship was well built, and lines up like the old Excellsior class ship, but in more future form. It is a good ship.

The second was the new skill trees, it allows me to change out different weapons, without having to retrain my skill points. I like that aspect allot.

The third item was the assault class bridge, I was disappointed however that it has not been tweaked in all this time.

The fourth item is i was impressed with the strides forward. Ill give sto one month, if they cannot provide a stream of new content, then i will leave. As my main problem with this game was the lack of content provided over a long period of time. Hopefully that has changed.