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02-05-2012, 07:23 PM
Originally Posted by Robert_Praetori View Post
This was awhile ago, so it would be a pain to link too, but i have read that they were looking into some sort of docking sequence cut screen.

What i've heard most often is that some limit to the engine makes space cut screens complicated.

The first time i did the Odyssey shake down mission, the cut screen messed up for me, and instead of showing the Odyssey, it showed my ship. With any luck, they have somewhat resolved this limit to the engine, and we may indeed see a ESD socking sequence in the coming months.
oh i'm pretty sure they can do it.

intitially the camera's didnt pan for warps, nor did the ships re-align themselves, resulting in warping through planets more often then not!

its a question of importance vs demand vs cost (in terms of time/money invested in the creation of it)

is it important? does the game not work without it? are people leaving the game because of this? does the whole thing fall down without it?

what is the demand? are 30 new threads started about it in every section of the forum every hour? are players, reviewers and critics calling for this as an essential requirement to the game?

how much will it cost? will the engine require a major overhaul? can it be done with existing tech? would thousands of maps require custom editing to allow it to happen? will lots of people have to spend days working on it?

when something ticks all the right boxes in the above, it'll happen pretty damn quick.. (Bortas in Qo'noS spacedock for example... everyone wanted it, people were pretty upset it wasnt there and it was a quick, easy problem to resolve, putting a model in one map) but when it requires more effort, it takes longer (sitting-in-chairs-tech as a prime example, asked for from the moment interiors came in and took close to a year or more to actually happen)

so will there be animated docking sequences for ESD? probably, but i for one wont be holding my breath for it!