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02-05-2012, 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by Sworoth View Post
Ill give sto one month, if they cannot provide a stream of new content, then i will leave. As my main problem with this game was the lack of content provided over a long period of time. Hopefully that has changed.
for this month, you'll probably be very happy, new FE's releasing weekly again..

after that, possibly not so happy.. The game is still transitioning into Free to Play and the dev team wont commit to any more than 2 FE series this year.. with one happening this month, that means only one more to come in the next 10 months afterwards..

I would suggest, if lack of content is your main concern, that if you do decide to let a sub lapse, to be sure to check the game out every once in a while as a free player.. who knows, cryptic could kick it into high gear this year and churn out a lot of content worth playing.. i doubt that, but one can live in hope

as an occasional free player you could check out the content levels as and when you feel like with no commitment or ongoing cost.. i'd consider that a win/win situation myself.