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02-05-2012, 08:57 PM
Originally Posted by Akumatron1701
To be honest, until I saw about the autofire being broken on here, I never even knew there was an option for it in the first place! lol
Its been here for ages. It was that thing that if you right-clicked a weapon in your HUD in space, it would turn green (or turn not-green) on click and you wouldn't have to mash spacebar or mad-click "fire all weapons" for that gun. :p Thus autofire.

But apparently since tribble seems deserted these days, nobody noticed when this old function was busted good by the latest patch until it hit holodeck.

Now we're using a workaround chat command plus weapon right-clicking to force it to autofire when we should only have to use right-click alone to toggle it on and off on an individual weapon basis.

So I too will ask: How long until the autofire fix is pushed?