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02-05-2012, 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by The_Doctor89
Does anyone know what they are? they are advertised on the calendar, but i havn't seen any posts/blogs about them
At the very least, I'm sure a new DOff pack (DS9) is coming:

Select quotes from last Friday evening on DOffJobs channel:

[8:20] [DOFFJOBS] <Dev> Dojum@Heretic: The DS9 doff pack will have Cardassians for both factions, Bajorans for Feds, and Ferasans - an offshoot of Caitians but with sabreteeth - for the KDF. Also, some Gamma Quadrant rare species.
[8:22] [DOFFJOBS] <Dev> Dojum@Heretic: Yes, the DS9 doff pack will be C-Store.
[8:22] [DOFFJOBS] <Dev> Dojum@Heretic: Vorta and Jem'Hadar rares in the DS9 pack ... Magic 8 Ball says ... Highly Likely.
[8:23] [DOFFJOBS] <Dev> Dojum@Heretic: Delta Quadrant won't be in this pack, but we have plans to introduce some of them at a later date in a later season.
[8:23] [DOFFJOBS] <Dev> Dojum@Heretic: DS9 packs will be like regular C-Store packs, but with new species and a few new traits.
[8:25] [DOFFJOBS] <Dev> Dojum@Heretic: Not 100% sure what DS9 doff availability will be beyond the pack. Still under discussion.

Plenty of more good stuff from Heretic, but that's at least related to the CStore