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# 1 Risa Cave Help
02-05-2012, 10:38 PM
Alright so here's an interesting problem.
I'm creating a mision that takes place on Risa right? So I'm using the cave to host a small set of objects and two npc groups. The objects have settled in just fine, the npc groups on the other hand have well..... become stalagmites for lack of a better term. I have them set at -32 for their y axis at zero altitude.
I've tried other settings, but unfortunately then the mountian starts shooting at you with nothing for you to target in order to shoot back.
I know that there's some kind of work-around because two out of all of the npc's are properly placed. Is there someone who knows how to do this or will the player have to shoot several celling cats?
Any constructive answers are welcome and thanks in advance for any form of an answer.
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