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02-05-2012, 10:05 PM
Stuff we know is coming soon:
  • DS9 DOFFs Pack
  • C-Store Odyssey Variant
  • C-Store Bortas Variant
  • DS9 Value Pack (Defiant Interior, Sao Paolo, Type 10 Shuttlecraft, maybe DS9/VOY Uniform, and perhaps a Bucket)

Stuff we know is coming to the C-Store eventually:
  • Vesta Class (Has been approved by CBS, Rademaker reportedly gathering specs and info for Cryptic)
  • Ambassador Class (Supposedly completed, Cryptic awaiting appropriate event to introduce it)
  • Nanopulse Weapons (Search your feelings, you know it to be true)
  • Veteran Bridge Officers (I seem to remember offhand comment by a dev somewhere that these will be in the C-Store eventually)
  • New Materials for ship customization (In a dev interview on either Podcast UGC or Priority One, either TTCC or Capn Logan confirmed that they are working on tech to allow new materials to be used on the older ships.)

Stuff that would be nice:
  • New or Customizable Ship Interiors with Customizable Quarters or Ready Room (Never happen, but I can dream)
  • Starfleet Designed Phaser Pulsewave (The current Phaser Pulsewave skin is kinda homely compared to most of the rest of the Phaser weapons)
  • Starbase Skins for Fleet Starbases (Fleet Starbases are a feature that was promised for Season 5 but are unlikely to come to fruition before Season 6 this summer)
  • New Melee Weapon Types : D'k tahg, Mek'leth, Jem'Hadar Kar'takin, Katana, Rapier (The Naked Now), Cutlass (The Squire Of Gothos) ect.
  • Vulcan Love Slave II: The Revenge (I'm just saying)