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# 7 Clearing things up
02-06-2012, 12:12 AM
Dear Gamers!

We've received feedbacks from visitors, that they can't contact us via Chat on our Main Site.

The problem is serious, yet simple to fix. We, over at Timelords, use Chatango as a long-running solution. The embedded chat window is on the right and you can either write there as Anon (Anonymus) or setting a temporary name or registering at Chatango and keeping your login-name. This may look too complicated written, but believe me it isn't.

Our Officers can see too, if there's a new 'Anon' at the chat and the general order is to open dialogue. However, those who don't know where to look hear only a popping sound, which reminds the person that a new message is there! You can read messages like: "Hi there Anon!" or "Greetings Anon, can I help you?" So there is definitely presence on the Site!

If you encounter such or other problems hindering you becoming a Timelords Member, feel free to PM Batyrsik (PST) or me (EU) any time.

See you all over at Timelords!

Timelords Fleet