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02-06-2012, 12:14 AM
I don't think it is about wanting to, they certainly want to, its about time, money and resources.

They had to do something for the 2 year anniversary, they did for the 1st year, it was expected, and quite frankly they would be more chastised if they hadn't. It was logical for them to spend time on 2 year event stuff.

Of course they want to do more FE's, they've never hit their goal yet, but they want to do many a year.

They also know they need to get the Klingons where the Fed side is, that has always been a target on their back, they know it, I think perhaps we expect too much with the resources they have.

I don't think desire is in question, but rather time, money and the resources they have at hand.

Really this has all been discussed at length already. We all share the desire for more content, and the KDF getting what it deserves.

2011 was a year of transition, I look forward to 2012 as the year of content.