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02-06-2012, 01:50 AM
The reason is they were bought by a new company and then went f2p.

Atari were supposedly very tight with funding in the end of their ownership which hampered efforts. uncertainty over their future while they were bought would have also played a factor with the team unsure of where their focus should be applied.

then even after they know PW are taking over, they go F2P. That conversion takes time, as lots of background work needs to be done. Not only that but they take the time to adjust how certain things work. the dilithium economy, the ground update, the UI, the event system etc etc. Its arguable whether these changes were needed but they decided to do them to try to make the experience better for the new players so they stick around. we cant change that but i think the final outcome has made a better experience. considering how full the server has been the last few days it would seem to have worked.

They also spent time changing the way the task forces worked, added the borg ground invasions (which is a big event), been doing Christmas and anniversary events. perhaps you think its stupid or a waste of time to be chasing Q around but how many times does an anniversary come round and there is no event at all and people complain that they dont care about us for not doing an event, or too lazy to make one? well they added an event, albeit a simple one and now others think its a waste of time. they cant win.

the end result may not seem that spectacular but its time consuming, but its done now and they can now focus on getting back to pure content.