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02-06-2012, 01:55 AM
Originally Posted by Lukas2409
Well you're about to get suckered in again dude, because they've already stated only 2 FE's per year, and guess what, FE's are the only real content we get since they canned STF's (Those new missions are dilithium grinds not STF's)
that is incorrect. they said 2-3 Fe a year and have said nothing about not making other content. they are making klingon content. they are close to finishing one ep already. if they make 5-10 klingon eps this year it is the equal of another 1-2 series worth of content. but these are not FE. they have said the want to make more klingon eps as and when they can.

they want to make more task forces, especially now the new ones have proven to be a hit. they have said they still need to make into the hive so we are getting more task forces.

there are tons of ways to add other content from things like the red alerts, the ground invasion, pvp, patrols, other random events or stand alone episodes. none of those are FE but they are still content. the fact they have said 2-3 FE a year is not evidence that is the only thing we are getting.