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02-06-2012, 12:57 AM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Compared to the problems the competitor is facing with their PvP System, Cryptic can actually breath a sigh of relief. And at the same time learn.

For instance, their war zones would be a nice map for part of the territorial control that is currently being investigated. And having a dynamic map on various worlds, then STO's PvP could start to flourish. (But of course the new rebalancing issues need to be dealt with first).
and thats the crux of the issue - since most vessels are P2W items, along with the nightmare job of going over every single highend piece of equipment in game.

This of course has a semi-solution in making PVP exclusive items (Including ship versions), that can be earned in game or bought as a bundle deal in the CStore - OMG did I just give Crypic a brilliant idea?

Semi-solution in that they still have to look into skills revamping - They may just end up going the route Guild Wars took, making separate skill stats for the same skills for both PVE and PVP. Though that may be extremely tough to implement due to the nature of the beast here.