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02-06-2012, 02:03 AM
Originally Posted by Lukas2409
People don't get what I'm saying, junk like red alerts and the new STF do nothing to advance the story of the game or Star Trek at all, FE's and general episodes do.

The beauty of the original STF's is that they were challenging and actually added to the overall story arc of the game, now it's just go in grind this blow up 10 of these and get lost thanks for coming.
I would say new KDF story missions would advance the storyline of the game.

I would also say, adding in new factions, like the Romulans, which they are going to do, also advances the storyline.

I would personally like to see more than 2 FE's a year also. However, if they are going to stick with 2 FE's a year then they should be of high quality, and they should keep working on improving other areas, like getting the KDF side up to par with the Fed side, and providing content in other ways. There are other ways to advance the storyline, and provide content, than just FE's. But I do like FE's a lot myself.