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02-06-2012, 01:38 AM
Originally Posted by BlackV7
I wholeheartly understand where you coming from, story arcs is vital for an MMO. It adds to the game lore and makes the experience a lot more wonderful. I too must agree, they destroyed the story arc fluidity of the STF's and converted them into both a dilithium and Mk XII epic item hunt.

but, in all fairness, the original STFs were solely played by most folks for the Borg Retro Gear. I do miss the need to complete one in order to advance to the other - it added to the story line.

I am not saying that the new STFs are bad, its just feels disjointed and broken - and lost the peic endgame feel. They can still adjust it, yet keep it the same - this is how:

Place the story arc portion back together but still keep the space portions and ground portions separated. meaning instead of three loong end game arcs now keep them into six seperate parts, and make them in which you have to do them is sequence order the first time around.

During KA space: add a seventh portion to accomodate the original denatra battle with a possible add on content.

NOTE: Keep them in Gamma space, like the original. Though I understand that the que system is there for convience, for the sake of making sector space somewhat useful, make it that folks have to travel to and fro to Gamma. I miss all those vessels in Gamma Oranis
I made a post about this a while ago, when the STFs were changed, but the entire gameplay experience of the STFs is now gone. The storyline is destroyed. The goal now is to play the STFs as quickly as possible, to get to the end, and get the loot/EDCs. The experience of the story is lost. There was a fluid and connecting arc that is now gone, I liked having to play them in order, along that arc. I'll dig up the old thread and link it here if I can find it.

/edit - I found my old thread on the topic -