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02-06-2012, 02:12 AM
Originally Posted by ariestrekker
Okay, so I've had (or rather, been playing) this game for a few weeks now, and today I came upon my first Reman vessel. At least, the description said it was a Reman vessel. Looked like your casual Romulan Warbird to me.

With respect, taking into account all the effort and creation that has gone in to creating the many Federation and Klingon designs, why the hell are the Reman's using Romulan designed vessels? Would it really have been that hard to get a few unique designs together? You guys managed it with the Orion, Gorn, Nausicaan, and the Fek'lhri, yet you've limited the Reman military to Romulan re-skins. Why?

The Reman's of the STO timeline are, as of now, living independent of the Empire. They should have their own ships. Hopefully this is something that could be looked into at a later date?
If you look at their ships, they're much shinier and have a different texture on their hulls. Remans and Romulans did use the same technology (in fact, it'd be a good guess that most Reman ships are stolen Romulan ones) and it's only recently (with the Reman FE) that the Remans are truly on their own and not a slave race to the Romulans. I'd actually surmise that Remans really never had their own ships before the explosion of their planet.