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02-06-2012, 05:02 AM
Originally Posted by Lukas2409

I mean I'm sure most of the player base that was here before P2W and the dilithium grind fest started aren't happy with the state of the game, myself included.

The thing that bugs me is that this dev team have shown time and time again they can make kick *** content when they want to, FE's, the original STF's, remastered episodes, so like I said why not more, story and content are paramount to a successful MMO and a happy player base IMHO, so why waste time making ridiculous events like chasing little Q's around the Academy? Seems a bit stupid.
First off, as a Veteran of over 700 days, please DONT put words in my mouth regarding how i feel about the state of the game. we all know what they say about the word ASSUME right?

secondly, as has been stated, the dev team is small, be it by choice or financial strangulation from higher up, its a small team. all the wonderful FEs and stuff you mention takes time, effort, sometimes new tech pushed through from other parts of the company... but while they do that, who "watches the shop"? who fixes bugs, deals with things not working as planned or performs the endless list of alterations to existing content/models/environments/systems that the playerbase is constantly demanding with as firm a voice as you're demanding new content?

So it comes down to new content or stability and polish on whats here, the cryptic team is obviously trying to balance the two while building a team back up from the skeleton crew state Atari seems to have left them in.. because right now putting one above the other will obviously cause one to suffer.