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02-06-2012, 06:07 AM
Originally Posted by BlackV7
No offense, but I think you went on a needless rant there and misunderstood the man. To my understanding he is referring to more story arcs in the form of featured episodes. Also in regards to the grind, its in reference to the STFs. They broke up the heavy story driven original STF that needed to be completed in sequencial order in order to advance. It was a true gaming experience (despite some teaming up issues - especially for the KDF), unfortunately; due to the que system and the new gear, it in essence now has become a grindfest to acquire Mk X, Mk XI, and Mk XII gear.

I myself is not fond of the que system to a certain point. I don't mind it being used for events like the Defari event etc.. but the Borg STFs were meant to be epic, as in "Endgame" missions. I just wish those were never offered in a que system, and another alternative que system in Gamma sector be in placed, but thats my opinion.
This right here.

This is the same as WoW chopping up the original Molten Core and turning it from a 40 man raid, into a 20 minute five man. They completely destroyed the idea of endgame content by doing this. The story just halts after the last foray into Fluidic-space, and goes off in wild tangents in differing directions, all the while ignoring the primary story arch.