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02-06-2012, 08:49 AM
Well all I can see since I have been here since beta along time ago is that content is scarce. There have been so many shake ups with people leaving, coming back etc. the whole F2P thing i think messed cryptic up as in say only 20-25 people working on game. They need to get alot more people in and start working on new content or this will be WoW all over again with us getting new content every couple of years after we were told there would be new content out alot faster after F2P was started.

Lets hope they get busy alot of people are tired of no new content, these Anniversary deals are getting boring, Q needs a holiday and they need to add new content and get new visions. I have not played alot since F2P and after them screwing up the STF's as they have that is one thing they need to relook at and fix.

Now i am not a fan boy or anything othter than someone who went lifetime when game first came out because I believed in what Cryptic was trying to do. So far I am a bit disappointed in what has come out since beginning. But I will stay and hopefully see something better down the road.

They really need more new content coming out as soon as they can to keep the player base moving along nicely. And I know it takes time to get new content out we all do but 1 year and really nothing new? to me that is really not giving the playerbase confidence in a company who says new content coming out soon......