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02-06-2012, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by ariestrekker
The thing is, here, the Breen would only be fighting the True Way Jem Hadar, and not the Dominion Jem Hadar (if that makes sense).

Having said that though, it may actually be wise to keep the Breen out of the Dominion package for the simple reason that they've essentially been let down by the Dominion once before (the Breen didn't really have a say in the surrender). It stands to reason they'd be quite bitter toward the Dominion and it's allies.
That's the big question anyway:

Would we get the Dominion as a faction or the True Way?

The Dominion, as it appears based on the background material, is sitting in the Gamma Quad doing nothing except disagree with Lars' methods.
So it seems they're no longer interested in messing around with anyone.
This is why I believe we'd get the True Way, which would also provide some more variety than a "true" Dominion which would be basically just JH, Vorta and possibly changelings.
In theory the Breen might be interested in joining the True Way if they became strong enough (IMO the Breen as depicted in this game seem to only respect overwhelming strength) but that might require some intelligent explanation to avoid conflicting the events of the Deferi arc.

Originally Posted by ariestrekker
I like it. Good shout on the Tarlac and Ellora too, though I don't believe them to have their own ships?
I wouldn't be aware of them having their own ships and given Riker called them "primitive" might indicate they never had their own designs.
But the again the Vorta don't seem to have their own ships either so in theory we'd end up with a much larger variety on the ground than in space.
But I think that would be okay.

Originally Posted by ariestrekker
To be honest, with ships looking like those, it's no surprise they're using Romulan designs. :p Those ships from the comic are too similar to the Scimitar. They need a few unique looking ships, not scraps.

Edit: Maybe something like this:
Yeah I know what you mean.
The problem with the Countdown comics is that I find little in them to be visually appealing.
This is for example how the Enterprise is depicted:

yes you can still identify her but given the...detail on the ship compared to a proper depiction you might guess how much better Reman ships would look if they hadn't been drawn in the comics first.

And that Reman ship is a good find.
Something like that could no doubt serve as inspriation for Cryptic.