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02-06-2012, 08:42 AM
All the content that's left is grind, what's the point of repeating the same mission every day? That Defera invasion thing does nothing for the story I've tried it, just beam down shoot borg then laters champ.

Since when was that what Star Trek's about, at least TOR stays true to it's IP.

The STF's are barely a shadow of what they once were. I'd rather play Terradome then do one of the new STF's. The old ones you actually felt like you accomplished something at the end of the misson, especially when playing with fleet mates. It wasn't even about getting the gear for a lot of us, it was more about seeing what happens next on Star Trek.

People who say they don't care that there aren't many FE's or that the STF's aren't story driven anymore clearly aren't Star Trek fans, so I guess Cryptic may be succeeding in what they set to accomplish with P2W, which is driving the Star Trek fans away and making way for a bunch of randoms/very casual gamers.