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02-06-2012, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by ariestrekker
Aren't the True Way a combination of Jem Hadar and Cardassian? That being the case, where you've gotwould be incorrect as the Jem Hadar passing through (or rather, leaving) the wormhole are the remnants of a Dominion that was allied to the Cardassian, and at war with the Federation. Their technology would be out of date for starters; they've been stuck in limbo for a decade or two.
I'm not entirely sure how these two points belong together.
So I hope you don't mind that I'll try to explain, perhaps if there's some kind of misunderstanding:

After the Dominion War, the Cardassians got a democratic government.
The True Way (lead by Gul Madred) tries to return to the old ways of the Central Command.
They're allied with the few changelings like Laas (sorry, "Lars" was a typo of mine)

that created their own Jem'Hadar to serve them.
They have nothing to do with the regular post-war Dominion (and are in fact considered renegades by them) just like their Jem'Hadar have little to do with the Jem'Hadar that serve to Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant.

Just to make clear what I mean by "True Dominion": I mean the Dominion of the time after the war, not the ships stuck in the wormhole.
What they'll do when they come out is not certain right now (my guess is they'll try to join the True Way, the closest thing to allies they have in the 25th century)

Originally Posted by ariestrekker
The problem I think is conversion. It's easier to make a good looking design look bad (TNG film > comic) but to take a ship from a comic and make it look worthwhile, I think is a harder job. Not impossible by a long shot, but not the most logical choice. They'd be better off creating brand spanking new designs.
Well, the STO uniforms are based on the countdown comics and I think they turned out pretty well:

so it might still be possible.