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02-06-2012, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by KiraYamato
Hey there, Black!!

So... What are you making guides for at the moment?

I ask because I have a decent variant of the Sierra-01 Uniforms that I'd like to share with everyone, and I'd also like to see it made into a guide.

I'd also like to mention that my STO Main and his Bridge Crew use this variant. And so, I have named the variant after his ship.


Sierra-01 (Colors: H1, Division Color, H1)
Undershirt Color (When Applicable): H1
Badge: Alternate Future Variant (Colors: A6, A2)
Rank Insignia Color: A1

Pant Type:
Loose Long - Standard (Color: H1)
Skirt Type (Female Only): Sierra Skirt 1 (Colors: H1, Division Color) (Apply Stockings to Legs)
Footwear: Soft Boots (Colors: H1, H1, H1)

Science: F8
Engineering: C10

And there's the guide to my custom Sierra-01 Uniform Variant.

I hope you're willing to convert said guide to your style, Black.
Currently I am working on two F2P variants based on uniforms seen in the F2P trailer. When I finish those I'll check this out in-game and see about adding it as a Fan Choice variant.

Originally Posted by Black_Sheep_22
Hi dear Blackavaar

The new Odysee is out right now.
Do you have a Canon Shiphull and Window Pattern for this new Ship?

Thanks (-:
I am working on updating the Ships guide. The problem is that I don't own all of the new ships. However, as these are entirely new ships specific to the game, I would think that their default appearance settings should be considered canon. Still I will take a look at them and add them to the guide as soon as possible.