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02-06-2012, 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by Anon-E-Mouse
Just checked my main Klink toon and no, my Exploration is the lower than my Military and Engineering, but not my science

I was actually basing my comment on the Doff Jobs Spreadsheet.. I don't think I've even seen one Klingon Boff assignment listed.. Aliens there's loads.. Couple of Nausican's, Couple of Gorn.. Klinks.. = zip.
I checked the assignments this morning, and at least one a quick look couldn't see any obvious reason why Klingon bridge officer assignments would be any rarer than Aliens; they have the same rarity. I will continue to look and see if there is anything else that might cause this.

One possibility is that Alien is Exploration, so usually in starclusters, and since the Colonial chains are where most people who are very deep into the duty officer system are focusing on, it may simply be better reported there for that reason.