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02-06-2012, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by TheStoryteller0
I've read your first 2 allready and found them very helpfull!
Glad to hear it, storyteller

Originally Posted by filbones View Post
These are great. Thanks for the update, keep em coming. People are always asking me for hard copy resource material to the foundry. It's easier to read while in foundry then it is to watch a tutorial for most people.
Thanks filbones. I figured three things:
  • lots of people are doing video tutorials, so it's already a crowded marketplace
  • I don't have the means to produce video tutorials anyway, so written ones were something different that I could contribute
  • unless you have a dual-display setup, it is (as you say) difficult to watch a video tutorial and use the Foundry at the same time.

And to increase the usability of the Foundry 101 tutorials further, I have today added printable versions of all the tutorials

Originally Posted by filbones View Post
Someone play all this guys missions and Tip him 100 Dilithium. Actually not someone, everyone as he is a really good author.
Haha! Thank you filbones, that really means a lot. And I'm already doing well from the tip jar, so people are already being generous, and I'm incredibly grateful!