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Thanks , I checked it & I am Rank 0 " I guess that means I have no Rank Title Yet , I am 643/2500 & at 10x Diplomatic points a quest its gonna be a long grind or is there a faster way to gain diplomatic exp

I read once you reach attache you get missions that give 160DP but right now all the missions I am doing give 10DP so at this rate I would have to do almost 200 missions ? to reach attache title

although if I had the right type of Duty officer I could do Diplomatic missions using the duty officer roster , but every time i see a Diplomatic Mission it says you do not have the required Duty Officer

I have 1 Civilian Diplomat but you can't send Civilians on Missions
DXP for player missions hasn't been scales to the new DXP Duty Officer scale. Right now the way to do Diplomacy is to do Diplomatic DOFF Assignments. To get more DOFF w/o having to hit the C-Store. Pick up the recruitment missions from Sol, ESD and SF Academy zones. And you can sometimes the DOFFs you want from the Exchange. Green and White DOFFs are generally modestly priced. You'll have to search by name on the Exchange to find the DOFFs you want. Get the names from

Click on the area of specialization for a the DOFFs for the area.

Keep at the diplomatic DOFF assignment every chance you get. Not all of the require a Diplomate DOFF. Even if you don't have the DOFFs for a good sucess, go the missions any way. 1/2 a change of success beats a zero change. Once you to Tier 1, you'' open up the DOFF store of Lt Ferra which have Green DOFFS avilable. And as you gain more levels, you'll get access to Blue and Purple Doff.