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02-06-2012, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by csshanks View Post
I'm a returning player, coming back after about 6 months or so, and I have a question.

When re-outfitting my ship, I noticed that the tooltip on my beams has changed. It went from something in the range of, -% power if weapons other then this type, to -10% when fired.

Does this mean I can now put multiple beams with different energy types without a penalty; or is there something I am missing?
You may do so "without penalty" as the only difference between energy weapon types now is their critical proc. Phasers randomly disable subsystems, Antiprotons critical with more damage, Tetryons drain shield power, etc.

However, a big change with Season 5 was that Tactical consoles were subtley revamped, and you are now better off having an Energy-specific console over a generic one (In short, a Phaser Relay gives a better bonus than a Directed Energy Distribution Manifold)

So if you think about that with respect to your weapons loadout, you are ultimately better off focussing on a single energy type with the consoles to match, than having Josph's Technicolour Dreamcoat with generic consoles to suit all. Specific, focussed builds will be doing more damage than a build that tries to cover everything.