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02-06-2012, 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by ariestrekker

The Scimitar was a Reman design.
And, if memory serves (because I think my mind has been trying to block out that movie), it was orignially built for the Romulans until they were betrayed or some such. Regardless, it was built at a time when the Remans actually had resources under the Romulan Empire. Also, it seemed that ship was a 'one of a kind' flagship, and still is in the game as something similar is Empress Sela's ship and there only may be one other in one other mission (if it's not the same ship). That'd make only up to two Scimitar class ships currently in the game.

The Remans don't have the resources to build that kind of stuff currently, except now for the breakaway faction and their new base. So, having them using appropriated Romulan ships makes sense.