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02-06-2012, 07:10 PM
Originally Posted by nuxbox
well they said it will end at 10AM PST (almost 2AM my time) and when i logged in before that Q wasn't there so wasn't the engineer. wouldn't it be fair if they extend for another day just so everyone could join in the event? not everyone knows about the event, some f2p players might have just joined a few hours before the event ended prematurely.
So by your account, they should extend it for another year just in case someone starts playing tomorrow f2p. No, you can't cater to the people that just started playing. They missed the event, so be it. It was posted weeks in advance on FB, on the forums, on the official STO website, and even on the launch application. If I would have missed the event, I would have been upset, but I could have only been upset at myself for not logging in during the almost 5 days the event has been live, I said 6, but it wasn't. Sorry. I had every chance, and so did you and everyone else, to log on Feb. 2, 3, 4, 5, and today even if it was for just one hour even to do a mission to be a part of the anniversary. They could have just made it for the 2nd since that really was the 2 year anniversary, but they decided to let it run to today. No one has any reason to complain at all, just be happy this game has lasted this long where others havent.