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I have some experience from MMOs and RPGs but very little from sci-fi/futuristic weapon combat, and I'm currently very confused by the weapon types in the game.

What are the advantages and disadvantages with using the special types, like plasma?
Should you spread the types out over your away team, so that they don't all use kinetic (for example?)
Are there any "right" or "wrong" weapon types?

(At the moment I'm a medic science officer using a sniper rifle, with a full auto plasma rifle on my tactical bridge officer, and random green drops on the others)

Because I'm struggling a bit with turning during ship combat, I'm currently using the 360 degree cannon, two torpedoes and mines on my ship, but I'm wondering if this means I'm not getting benefits from possible boosts. 3 of my 4 weapons are at the moment kinetic damage.

Having said that, I'm not really understanding the consoles either. The engineering consoles especially, and also the tactical consoles usually boosts things I've never heard of, and can't find on my stat screen.

Oh, while I'm asking a bunch of nooby questions, how do special tactical Boff attacks like Martial arts and jump/launch(?) (the one where they jump at the target) work with ranged weapons?

and are there any guides to being a support/healing ship? I'm struggling to find a balance between Boff skills that aid my combat (like shield repair) and skills that can help other ships. It seems a bit pointless to be running a science vessel if I only have self-boosting skills.