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02-06-2012, 08:17 PM
Ah, well... indeed, Cryptic has no reason to make something like that. If so, it would be just for fun.

I was asking if someone else - like a user - has made a program to view and customize ships, outside of the game. Or to give a broader example, a program that allows you to view all the game's 3D assets, like ships, weapons, props, etc

Individual files for objects like starships must be stored somewhere on the computer's cache... if that's the case, retrieving them and rendering them in a separate program must be possible (like with Spiralspy.jar). For a specific example, finding a way to view the .pigg or .hogg files located in the installation folder.

Not to tamper with or alter the files, mind you - just to look at them. I have read the terms of service

Basically, I just want to tinker with the customisations for a Prometheus-class and a Hermes-class before I lay down all my dilithium on whichever one I think looks prettier (juvenile, I know)... think of it as browsing through a holo-catalogue before I buy And again, this would be taking place outside the game - although if such a feature were enabled in-game, that would be really cool too.

And as I said before, players put down a lot of money on customising ships, then flying around for a bit before deciding, "I like how it used to look" or "My ship looks dumb with these pylons" or "This isn't what the bridge looked like in the screenshot", and then boom, there's another 20,000 energy credits down the drain.