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The only logical way to deal with so many people being upset about ship selection is to allow people to command whatever ship they choose. Dev team would need to adjust the BO layout assignments based on level and career type. Example: Tac officers get more tac BO slots overall than a Sci officer. Eng officers get more eng BO slots than a tac officer, etc. This could be controlled by a character's rank / level so that as you gain levels you gain BO slots on the ships you command. Adding /subtracting universal BO slots with various ranks where needed to add variety could spice it up a bit as well.

This will allow everyone to essentially take whatever ship they want with whatever configuration they like. Example: a tac officer could use the intrepid class with a more tactical load out than the current standing. A sci officer could command the galaxy class and feel at home because their BO layout is based on class and not the ship itself. Issues with hull HP, base level shielding, power levels, etc could also all be controlled by the character's career type or through possible spec changes.

It would take a lot of reconfiguring to do so but no more than Scotty was used to back on the Enterprise. If I learned anything about life through Star Trek it's that all situations demand you to have an open mind enough to allow adaptation to the needs at hand and the resolve to seek out the answers. Star Trek never kept it's captains from commanding any specific kind of ship because they would feel "awkward" in it or as if they were not utilizing their talents correctly. A true captain would command his ship as per how he was trained to do so. Gene Roddenberry himself created "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations". It's time this philosophy be reflected in our ship commands. Thank you for any useful or positive feedback.