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02-06-2012, 08:27 PM
My guide to sto weapons might help you out with weapons.

There is no right or wrong anything in thing in this game, its all a matter of preference.

If you are struggling with turning then you are most likely using a cruiser and/or science vessel. Normally with cruisers you want beam weapons and you'll attack from the side, not head on. The same strategy could be applied to science vessels.

Consoles boost various things on your ship. Tactical usually boost weapons. Science boost your skills (if you look at the names of things that science abilities boost, it matches the names of your skills). Engineering consoles boost engineering things such as power, turn rate, etc.

As far as BOffs are concerned using martial arts skills, I believe they'll use them if an enemy is nearby.

I don't know of any guides about being a supporter, but I'm sure there is something on the forums if you look for it.