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02-06-2012, 11:59 PM
As already stated, why would the UFP use carriers? I think it makes sense to use Peregrines and attack shuttles as starbase defense, since those are immobile and launching an attack wing to intercept long range weapons or small raiding craft makes sense, but a carrier with manned fighters is more something the klingons would use. I always imagined a fighter pilot in the KDF is a initiate, young warriors yet to prove their worth and if they survive they get promoted.

But keep in mind that, in ST lore, there are no fighters at all (except for some sub-warp interceptors used for planetary defense or policing actions, Bajor had those, romulans and I guess the Federation had also something like that, see the Mars defense line in Season 3 final of TNG)). The Klingon carriers are a invention of this game and Peregrine attack craft are actually refitted civilian vessels used by the Marquis (a federation terrorist/resistance group) because they didn't have the resources to field larger craft. In the Dominion war, the Peregrine kind off got adapted by Starfleet to carry out quick special operations but were never used en masse in massive battles. That wouldn't make sense.

I would accept some kind of carrier launching drones, maybe as a countermeassure to fighters the KDF uses, but I really don't know why they would use those anyway