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02-07-2012, 01:49 AM
Originally Posted by DaLion View Post
A federation carrier would be nice *cough* Akira proper use *cough*, however, the Klink faction has so little content I would be upset to take this particular cookie away from them.

Also the peregrine fighter is warp capable with a reasonably long range. This would mean that starfleet would not normally employ a carrier, as the ship would need to be massive, but would employ a fleet tender. This would probably have a low sensor profile and sit quite a few light years from the battlefield to avoid ambush. Any damaged fighters would simply return there for repair and rearm.

The peregrine may be warp capable, but, assuming the Feds could effectively utilise fighters in combat, I could see the necessity for a carrier role, ala the Akira. In a large fleet action, said fleet only moves as fast as its slowest vessel. If a battle group needs to move to an AOE quickly, it can't be stalled at Warp 5-7. That's where the carrier would come in.

In game terms though, I agree. Let the KDF keep 'em until they have full content.