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02-07-2012, 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by Pondara
I don't believe KDF have science vessels, at least not ones that can be purchased w/o the cstore.

I don't think that the UFP should get carriers but maybe something similar but different. Since the UFP doesn't really use fighters much in its tactics, maybe instead have some sort of large fleet support battleship.

For all those people that throw out that Starfleet doesn't have warships because that does not mesh with their doctrine, they are a military organization that has been in almost a constant state of war for decades, if that doesn't change their attitude toward the employment of full on battleships in this new erra, than their leaders are asinine. Even the UFP civilian leaders should understand that waging a wars with ships that aren't specifically suited for war is just getting people killed for no reason other than they don't want to appear too aggressive. I've always hated that argument.
Not having warships doesn't mean their ships aren't armed like crazy. Starfleets ships aren't warships but mainly explorers, their personnel aren't soldiers but that doesn't mean they are defenseless. Think of the trading fleets in the colonial age. Merchant ships weren't warships but most likely outgunned every frigate or early ships of the line there were. Most of Starfleet's ships load so many guns that they outright scare away minor species, if you put those ships together in a fleet they can hurt you very badly.

I agree with you that they have expanded their tactical department and should have created some ships designed for combat (they actually have, Defiants are destroyers, the Akira-Class dedicated gunships etc.) but Starfleet is not the U.S. Navy. I hate that Star Trek becomes more and more Warhammer 40k. Starfleet has sharp teeth, but won't bite until you cross the line