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02-07-2012, 02:18 AM
Originally Posted by Resz
More ship types, yes. However, the Federation has more individual ship classes, with 37 total between all ranks and 15 at tier 5. The KDF, meanwhile, has 33 between all ranks, 11 of which are T5. This, of course, excludes the Jem'Hadar attack ship, as it isn't exclusive to either faction, as well as shuttles and fighters, though the Federation still has the numbers advantage there with 7 to the KDF's 3.

The grass is still very much greener on the Federation's side.
T5 ships are all that really matters the way the game is atm, each time you reach a new tier it makes the previous tier obsolete, I'd be OK with having fewer total ships but more or at least equal top tier ships.