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Originally Posted by Katic View Post
[list][*]The Federation has an entirely different Shipbuilding ethos than the Empire, Carriers are not faction-appropriate. Starfleet builds Cruisers for Exploration, Science Vessels for research, and Escorts for defense. Carriers are strictly weapons of aggression, they have no scientific, diplomatic, or exploratory value. Starfleet builds all it's vessels with peacetime uses in mind. Carriers don't have any that aren't better filled by other ships already anyway.[/i]
Like I said, this makes no sense since they have been at war for decades, that may have been the design philosophy at one time yes but if that hasn't changed by the time the game takes place, where peacetime hasn't been the norm for decades, than the UFP deserved to get conquered.

Take WWII for instance, the allied nations weren't necessarily aggressive nations with the most advanced military, but from the start in 1939 to the end in 1945 those nations quickly learned that they need to make advancements in their armaments to compete and win and during those 6 years, military technology and just tech in general advanced in leaps and bounds.

Now you can't tell me that in the decades of war that the Federation has been in, they haven't realized that "hey, if we built warships and trained soldiers for war, than we could end this war(s) sooner and put an end to the killing."