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02-07-2012, 03:16 AM
Originally Posted by AlchemistiD View Post
  • DS9 Value Pack (Defiant Interior, Sao Paolo, Type 10 Shuttlecraft, maybe DS9/VOY Uniform, and perhaps a Bucket)
I'm hoping there is another way of getting the Defiant interior, either in game or to purchase by itself.

Originally Posted by AlchemistiD View Post
  • New or Customizable Ship Interiors with Customizable Quarters or Ready Room (Never happen, but I can dream)
There is an STOWiki page which lists the things devs are working on. Functional ship interiors was on that list, as of when I looked at it yesterday.


Ship interiors with functions (Season 6) [25][64]

Working sickbay
Shuttlebay (to switch to shuttle without returning to spacedock)
Crafting station (during Season 5)
Botanical Garden