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02-07-2012, 03:48 AM
Originally Posted by Solomace View Post
Still not letting go are you man.

You once again lose all credit when you call TOR a WoW clone. It's one of the most silly things a TOR hater can level at it. I take it WoW is just an EQ clone? Shesh man.

As others have mentioned, TOR has taken elements from other MMos which includes WoW as well as it's single player games and made it's own MMo.

Your making yourself look very silly m8. First it was the game isn't meeting expectations, then Bam 1.7 mil. Then it was not as innovative as STO and you still haven't backed that one up (at least Darren tried). Now it's just a WoW clone, making it sound like WoW was the first MMo and TOR copied it and just added story.

What gem have you got next?
Loot drops exclusive for the other faction? Now I have to admit, it's pretty stupid to get drops for schematics to make items for the other faction yet you can't even mail them to your alt in that faction. On Republic side I have gotten about 10 schematics for making Imperial only items and same with my Imp getting a dozen Republic only schematics. Talk about worthless drops.

I had to help their side out once because they can't even bring something new to the table.

Armsman's arguments are just clones. lol