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02-07-2012, 05:43 AM
Originally Posted by Trekker88 View Post
My BOff's will use their # 3 and #4 powers, but I can't right click to disable them, and if I try to activate them manually I get tool-tip spasms that requires me double click on what ever skill I tried to activate to clear the tool-tip thats stuck on screen before I can click on anything else, can't even shoot. And even after all that they still don't use the skill I manually tried to use.
That's exactly what I am talking about, and a lot better written with the same tool tip problem, though I found mousing over the skill again gets rid of it. I was just wondering if it was working as intended or a bug? I can't even move their abilities about to place the ones I want to control into slots 1 and 2.