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02-07-2012, 07:06 AM
I've reinstalled STO after if went to F2P, granted I have VA character and I've had more fun in STO lately than I've had in TOR after a few weeks after release. But things are changing around now, but this time I feel a draw to FFXIII. I wonder where the evil circle of video game addiction will take me next. I still play TOR every Tuesday and Thirsday with guildies though and it is fun, but I dont feel compelled to grind my levels in TOR any longer. It feels SO SLOW at 40 that it makes me very bored.

Also foundry is fun. And overall I like that STO is so much more sand-boxy than TOR. TOR is very linear, even though its not a bad MMORPG at all. I just feel like playing STO. I've replayed a lot of episodes since re-subbing, a lot of STFs, a lot of DOF assignments etc.