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02-07-2012, 09:30 AM
Thanks for the information so far. Particular thanks to PatricianVetinari, and looking forward to seeing your finished work. Finding information relevant to post-Season 5 changes is still quite difficult. I'm still pretty new to this game and though I enjoy researching and calculating game systems, I could see plenty of people being put-off by the complexity and lack of information.

Using the formula PatricianVetinari has provided, I've been playing around with a very messy spreadsheet of my own. I know a lot of people will balk at the idea of this much maths, so for some a simple answer might help.

Warp Core Efficiency (WCE):
Tier 2 (Lt. Commander); 1,500 skill points per rank.
Power distributed among lower-powered systems. Total benefit varies depending on power settings.
Ranks 1-3 give a total of 3.4 to 4.2 power per rank. No brainer.
Ranks 4-6 give a total of 1.9 to 2.3 power per rank. Definitely worth it.
Ranks 7-9 give a total of 0.9 to 1.2 power per rank. Definitely worth it.

Warp Core Potential (WCP):
Tier 3 (Commander); 2,000 skill points per rank.
Equal boost to all systems. Boost is small, but synergises very well with WCE and rounds off fractions left by Performance skills (see below).
Ranks 1-3 give 0.9 power per system per rank; 3.6 power total. No brainer.
Ranks 4-6 give 0.5 power per system per rank; 2 power total. Definitely worth it.
Ranks 7-9 give 0.25 power per system per rank; 1 power total. Worth it.

Starship <system> Performance (SXP):
Engine (SEP) and Shield (SSP) are Tier 4 (Captain); 2,500 skill points per rank.
Auxiliary (SAP) and Weapon (SWP) are Tier 5 (Admiral); 3,000 skill points per rank.
Large boost to a single system.
Ranks 1-3 give 1.8 power per rank. Definitely worth it.
Ranks 4-6 give 1.0 power per rank. Worth it.
Ranks 7-9 give 0.5 power per rank. Probably not worth it.

Fractions are hidden within the game, but do apply across the different skills. The way things work out, at 6 ranks of a SXP skill you get approximately 8.4 power in the relevant system. 9 ranks in WCP will give you approximately 4.9 to all systems, so together you get 13.3 power (visible as 13 in the game). The boost from WCE will vary from nothing (on systems set to 75 or higher) to 9.3 (on systems set to 25). Most of the time, another 0.5 from a 7th rank of SXP will not result in reaching another full point, hence I don't think it's worth the skill points.

Note that Efficient Captain and/or a Bridge Officer with the Efficient perk, while definitely useful, do not significantly change these results.

Warp Core Efficiency and Warp Core Potential are cheap. Max 'em. At worst you'll be wasting 1,500 skill points. If you're that worried about optimising your 300,000 Space Skill Points, then simple answers are not for you!

Up until 6 ranks of a System Performance skill (Starship Engine Performance, Starship Shield Performance, etc.) you get 1 or 2 points of power per rank. Well worth the higher skill cost, get them all to 6. Beyond this, ranks only yield points if you're lucky with rounding errors, so again we're beyond the scope of a simple answer.

In summary:
Warp Core Efficiency to rank 9.
Warp Core Potential to rank 9.
All four System Performance skills to rank 6.