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02-07-2012, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by iozay
I agree that Gold members require some love.

A few ideas from me:
  1. Increase duty officer mission slots from 20 to 25(For duration of subscription, make it also purchaseable from c-store).
  2. Give a small multiplier to refined dilithium(25% extra when refining).
  3. Monthly respec token.
  4. Monthly ship-discount token(Exchangeable for a small amount of dilithium if possible).
  5. Ability to respect for Energy Credits
  6. C-Store discount.
  7. Decreased Dilithium costs(Considering they are bound to the business model).
I like these options for gold members. +1 it will be justifiable enough to keep paying.

Based on what items are available in C-STORE at this point:

Here is what gold members supposed to have IMHO:

1. Token for a Free Companion Pet
2. Token for a Free Runabout
3. Token for a free ship costume
4. Token for a free officer costume
4. Token for one Duty Officer Roster increase (or initially have bigger officer roster)

In every F2P I've played and it makes a good sense - being a paying customer supposed to PROMOTE sales from C-STORE to those who don't want to pay monthly or promote to becoming a gold player. Also monthly fee have to be justified enough to commit to it. As of now I hardly see any reason to go for such a commitment since silver and gold players have completely same benefits with exception of couple quite useless perks.

Speaking honestly STO had F2P mechanics as soon as Cryptic store was introduced and even in the very beginning you could either pay for a month or pay for a shorter period of time based on same mechanics. Then while STO was still on subscription basis they have added items into C-STORE. Then they simply removed subscription basis to potentially increase revenue from possible sales of C-STORE items to people who would agree to play the game for free. There was minimal change after STO went F2P "officially".

They didn't really DO anything to give a gold player any incentive to keep paying. STO is prety much a paradise for silver players since they have access to everything similarly to gold players. And its funny that gold players are as limited in anything there is to be limited in as silver players are except two useless perks.

I don't see why would anyone pay for STO now... There will be little revenue since everything is available for free.