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02-07-2012, 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by Kavase
I have to disagree in increasing the amount of FE.

I like them, I like playing them and I am looking forward to the new one being released, however, when these are being done, other things are being put on the back burner. They take up a lot of time and resources to complete, and FE provide little replay value. Another words, for countless hours spend in making them, we burn through them in a matter of a couple of hours at most.

I would much rather see these resources spent elsewhere rather than FE. For example, redo/re polish fleet actions, more STFs, open PvP zone(s) & more PvP content in general, fleet star bases, etc.
We need a better foundation for content for what we would do on a regular basis, or content which provides high replay value, then throw in a couple of FE in a year just to do something different.

FE shouldn't(and won't) be primary content of STO. You may disagree with that, but at the end of the day, this is an MMO. Not a single player in depth story arch. It COULD be that way, but what would be the point? You would play them, stop, and not come back until another FE is released. If Cryptic wants to keep people playing, it's not going to happen via FE, it'll be by other means.

IMO, two FE in a year is enough, provided that we get other content also.
One of the best posts I've read in this forum. I didn't think about it this way before but it makes totally sense. I would also love to see more FE in a year but from this point of view you're right.

By the way: I don't like people judging me like "You're a not a real Star Trek fan if you like to grind". As Captain_Revo already stated: Who gives him the right to tell me or other people that I am not a trekkie?

(already put him to my ignore list)