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02-07-2012, 01:11 PM
I think business model switch was a little bit sporadic in STO. Most likely game was on a verge until PWE finally acquired Cryptic from ATARI. I don't believe anyone really thought this through well and STO went F2P because PWE doesn't have any subscription based games. Probably going F2P was the only option. But at the present moment STO feels very disorganized as far as this all F2P thing goes.

A lot of items on C-STORE have almost no value due to so much available in game itself, no incentive of being a gold player, absolutely no incentive to buy life sub. Because of all that I doubt that game is brining any significant revenue and PWE is probably scratching their heads on how to turn STO into profitable F2P. I think that a lot of gold players will drop subs and convert to silver since they won't lose anything by doing that.

The worst thing that Cryptic/PWE can do now is to penalize gold players if they switch to silver. What they really NEED to do is to make it more appealing to be a gold player. Give golds some bonuses or some access to somethign extra to make this gold membership actually valuable and worth 15$ a month. Stipend is good, but it still doesn't make sense because paying players don't have any advantage at all. I don't even mention credit cap, its a very sad attempt. Every time you give me 15$ I will give you 5$ back. I hope you gonna come back and give me 15$ every month. Hmm, why?