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02-07-2012, 12:14 PM
Okay, just what every failing MMO needs... a 'herding cats' mission.

Not only herding cats, but herding them into map geography where they promptly become 'stuck'.

The avoidance subset they're using is straight out of the 8-bit era and should be scrapped. When you're trying to herd the stupid things (I gave up after 20 minutes) they should move toward the goal, not randomly skitter off in all directions.

Toss this mission, it's simply stupid.

Or change it; such as having the 'newborn' ones attach to your ship so you can ferry them, or at least follow it, with the adults following the pack leaders so that herding the pack leader attracts nearby adults.

I honestly cannot say as I've encountered as stupid a mission in this in many, many years, though I understand World of Woecraft has such.