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02-07-2012, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroNavigator
This will mean that gold players won't have to buy Master Keys. Which means less revenue to PWE. Thing they gonna go for it?
Give out keys to gold players with their 400c every month. Along with this they should maybe give out a respec with this like others have already said.

A few of my own ideas.

Cut the Experiance Silver Players get by 20%. All of it. Skill, Boff and all the Doff ones too. This would encurage F2P players to get the XP buffs from the c-store. But it would also make it so that Gold members will always get more XP from their Doff Missions then F2P. Gold members will also esentualy always be playing with a 20% XP buff, but could still grab the ones off the c-store for more of a buff.
Put some daily mission NPCs in the Captain's Table map. This will be limited as far as keep long time players from going free to play, but it would encurage F2P players to go gold.
Gold Member only Uniforms and Ship Costumes. This would be available automaticaly to all gold members, and would stay on any ship or charicter if you went free to play, but would no longer be available if you went to change the uniform or look of the ship after going free to play.

Some of these you could put on the c-store, but would have to have enough of them that it would make it worth paying a monthly fee over just outright buying them. One uniform and one ship at 440c each on the c-store would not cut it.
Make new episodes and content available to gold members a full month sooner then silver members. On the Holodeck server, not the Tribble. Beta access is nice and all but it only appeals to some.
Could also make episode available on the c-store for those silver members who just can not wait an extra month. 800-1,000c would be a good price. Cheaper then a monthly sub, but still gives a fair value to the gold members who get this automaticly.
Extend the Ilde time out for gold members from 15min to 20-30min. I hate falling offline when I go downstairs to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.
Give XMPP access to silver acounts, but limit there useage. Have it so that they can access and chat, but only Gold Members can veiw what they text, and silver members can only hear gold members.

Me and my friends have used this feature alot, but since they went silver it has limited the value of the XMPP feature to me signifantly. No longer can I have a conversation with them while I'm ingame and they are not with out alt-tabing out of the game to open a MSN chat.

Being abble to talk to players in game from my Cellphone or a XMPP/Jabber client is cool, but it would be cooler if could talk to my silver member friends from ingame while they are on their cellphone or using a XMPP/Jabber Client.
Others have said this, but more Doff Assignment Slots. 25 would be nice, 30 would be better. Make the slots buyable on the c-store, but gold members should always have more then silver. If you go F2P you loose your bonus slots.
Future factions like Romulans and so on only available for Gold members unless you buy them from the c-store. Charge at least 2,000c for these. Gold members would also automaticaly get an extra Char slot when these faction became available so they could actualy make a new char.
Gold member exclusive sales on all or some items in the C-Store. They could do 5% off everything for gold members all the time, or they could have new deals every month on some items. This month it could be 20% off Char Slots, next month it might be 15% off Doff packs. But there should always be something there every month.
More Dilithium a day. Give us gold members 10k limit insted of the 8k curent limit.
Make some c-store items like respecs, renames, and what ever available for Dilithium only to gold members. Just make it of a value that reflects the excange rate for Dil and C-points.
This is the only one I think that would posibly be game breaking, or at least might make some people unhappy. But give a bonus on recharge rates for Gold members. 1% faster recharge rate on all skills and items would definatly give Gold players an advantage. If this is a fair advantage or not is debatable.
(Just thought of this.) Gold members always get the best prices from NPCs. If there is an NPC that sells it for 800ec then gold members can buy it at that price from all NPCs who have that item while Silver players would have to pay the regulare 1,000ec. Every NPC would also give you the max value for your items. This would not give gold members any prices they could not already find in game, it would just save them the time of traveling around to get them. Replicator prices should be included in this too. Better yet include Replicator prices only for Lifetime members.
Give gold members another way to get the Photonic Boff in game since they killed the ref program.