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02-08-2012, 06:36 AM
I'm old school, taking a while to level is fine with me. The fast rate this game has is due in part to the huge amount of moaning there was about getting from 1-10. If you could see back a few years in the forums there were so many threads on not liking being in Mirandas from people that didn't understand standard mmo progression, rusty sword/tarnished sword/sword/better sword/uber sword.

They all wanted to be in the tv show ships as soon as possible. So exp gain got increased, exp bonus items were introduced, double exp weekends were added, and in a game where we all know there were limited official missions people were now outleveling whole portions of what was there and skipping it. Tons of people never did patrols, or skipped parts of the storyline, and were advised to do so by the 'how to level fastest' crowd.

Trying to appease the crying by increasing exp gain was just about the worst thing to do. Adding simple things like random distress calls, 'mission terminal' mechanics and other things of that sort could have added much more for folks to do. We have more to do now, but still have the too high exp rate, so you warp to the level cap in no time at all.