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02-08-2012, 07:41 AM
Originally Posted by El_Loco
... Just do 2 episode missions or a couple of patrol missions and you hear "congratulations captain"....
You're doing it wrong ;-)

Actually you gain one level per mission, provided that your duty officers are on duty most of the time, because the duty officer assignments give XP, too.

I've played WoW for about four years now (including several months of abstinance) an I still habe only one max level (85) char, one on 80, and some very low level chars. Ok, I'm not what one would call "hardcore player" ;-) But even those last five levels from 80 to 85 took me several weeks to reach, playing an average of 3 hours/day.
So yes: STO is a very very fast leveling mmo. Just started a new char on january 8th, and it hit VA about one week ago. And I'm playing STO an average of about 1-2 hours/day.

Edit: During the time from 0 to 50 I've never skipped any dialogue. ;-)