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02-08-2012, 07:30 AM
I had a similar argument with a friend of mine. He was on the starwars side and said the same arguments about power and output and all that jazz.

Navigational deflectors, a technology designed to stop cosmic radiation/debris from damaging the ship at high velocities, is tuned to simply bounce that stuff out of the way. Lasers fall into this range, being simply intensive energy light. Turbo lasers may do gigatons of impact damage, but what if they don't hit anything?

Their sensor technology is massively inferior, they couldn't distinguish a freighter from a pile of junk. The falcon couldn't detect the missing alderaan even after it had dropped out of hyperspace.

Hyperdrive does seem to be superior to warpdrive.

Even the heaviest of starships would be able to out maneuver their capital ships. Fighters are inconsequential as onboard targetting systems can track and easily destroy them.

Federation shielding is far superior. Yes turbo lasers do lots of damage and starships would be able to take multiple hits. However their shields are designed for fighting laser not phasers. I would imagine laser shielding is unable to protect the ship due to the exotic properties of PHASed Energy.

Resources, yes they have the edge on resources.

Cloaking devices aren't explained very well, just that they need to fitted to larger ships due to their energy requirements. Romulan cloaking devices simple bend energy around them. Sophisticated sensors or not, you still need to know what to look for.

My friend used similar arguments to that website and, in the end, I couldn't be arsed. I simply said... two borg cubes. One to take the initial hit and the second to have adapted and assimilated the entire bunch.